Theresa E. Janecek BA, CMT

 Theresa graduated from the New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts in 1995, received her National certification in August the same year, and has been practicing massage therapy since. After re-locating to Flagstaff in 1996, she started working with Dr. Michael Edgley, a well-established and gifted chiropractor. Within his practice, over a five and half year period, she honed her skills working on patients with a myriad of problems and conditions, treating  many victims of auto and other accident related issues. She also treated patients with conditions such as fibromyalgia and MS. Using  her eclectic blend of techniques including deep tissue, neuromuscular therapy, shiatsu, sports massage and rehabilitation, Theresa quickly established a thriving massage therapy practice that continues at present.
    In 2001 Theresa opened a private practice, and has continued her pursuit of continuing education. She has studied myofascial release with John Barnes, Chi Nei TSang (Chinese abdominal massage ), hot stone therapy, and is certified as a Lypossage practitioner.

    In September of 2007, she became co-founder, and co-owner of Simpatico Healing Arts and Renewal Center in Flagstaff.  When asked regarding her feelings about the center, Theresa comments “ Simpatico is a long time dream, now coming to fruition. We have created a  homey and comfortable atmosphere with a skilled, knowledgeable and dynamic group of practitioners. This opportunity has been very fulfilling!”
    Her goal at Simpatico is to be part of a team, who offer the skills and the compassion to facilitate a sense of health and well being to all who venture here.

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