Services for Body, Mind and Spirit

Voice Bio
This incredible assessment tool is non- invasive and accurate. Voice Bio accesses and reveals frequency patterns in the body through the sound of the voice. This deliniates and graphs a composite pattern for that unique individual. Each emotion, organ, Gland and system of the human body has its own frequency that resonates to particular nutrients, minerals and vibrations required for functioning. This is a key to taking back control of energetic health.
60 minutes: $60

Nutritional Consultation
Herbal programs and vitamin supplementation to address disease and illness. Consultation includes muscle testing; a nutritional history questionnaire to provide a customized plan with continued follow-up care.
60 minutes: $65

A body contouring technique that can: rase metabolic rate; reduce the appearance of cellulite: tone muscle and skin; detoxify tissues; increase circulation & lymphatic movement; and cause dimension loss averaging 6.75” and a drop in 1-2 dress sizes.
18-25 Treatments per zone: $1,595

Body Wrap: LypoSlim
90 minutes: $150

Sea Mineral Firming Wrap

60 minutes: $75

Medical Massage
60 minutes: $75
90 minutes: $110

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