Massage and Bodywork

Swedish Massage
A hands-on full body massage of medium pressure. Relieves muscle tension, stimulates pressure, stimulates circulation, increases serotonin levels, improves muscle tone and promotes total relaxation.
60 minutes: $55
90 minutes: $75

Deep Tissue Massage
A firm-pressure therapeutic massage. Helps alleviate pain, muscle spasms, stress, inflammation and tissue damage. Great for anyone with soft tissue problems that produce any discomfort.
60 minutes: $60 
90 minutes: $80

Hot Stone Massage
Penetrating heat from smooth oiled and warmed stones are used to relieve tense muscles and sore joints. Combined with Swedish and deep tissue techniques, this creates and unforgettable, thoroughly relaxing experience.
60 minutes: $55
90 minutes: $75

Prenatal Massage
A gentle massage feared to relieving the muscle cramps, spasms and pain often encountered in the lower back, neck, hips and legs during pregnancy. Sage and comfortable body positioning with prenatal cushions and table available.
30 minutes: $35
60 minutes: $65

Infant Massage/Parent Education
An attentive, pleasurable touch that can promote your baby’s well-being while increasing your ability to respond to his or her needs. Special needs infants our specialty.
30 minutes: $30

Seated Chair Massage
An efficient, fully-clothed massage that improves circulation, stimulates muscles and reduces tension in the back, neck and shoulders.
15 minutes: $15

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